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What's Included

Your LifeBox is organized in sections to guide you in creating your own personalized "GRAB AND GO" file with all your important information, lists and instructions. Your LifeBox will also provide a place for you to record contact information for friends, family, work contacts, etc. so that your Key Contact person can quickly and easily connect with everyone without the stress of having to search. Your vital documents, legal and financial information, family history, passwords, phone numbers, emails, pet’s vet name, list of medications – everything, all in one place.

The following sections are included:

         •What To Do, Who To Call First Instructions & Form, Key Contact Check List

         •Vital Record Instructions, Resources & Form

         •What to Include In a Safety Deposit Box

         •Healthcare Directives Instructions & Resources for State Specific legal forms

         •Medical Record Instructions and Form

         •Banking, Passwords & Financial Documents Guide & Form

         •Deeds, Titles, and Legal Documents Guide

         •Tax Returns

         •Personal & Family History Instructions, Resources & Form

        •Life Insurance & Trust Guide & Resources

        •Will & Funeral Documents Guide & State Specific Resources

        •Valued Possessions, Example Letter of Instruction Form if a will is not needed

        • Valued Family Photos Instructions, Resources & Form

        •Life List (Bucket List) Instructions & Form

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