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Personal Information Organization & Advance Planning At the Speed Of Life

LifeBox is designed to be completed at your own pace.  You can complete the entire packet as soon as possible or break it down into doable sections that will fit into your lifestyle and busy schedule.

This flexible, easy-to-use tool will empower you to complete your own personalized files, containing all the information you and those you love will need in the event of natural disaster, accident, major health event, or death.

 Your LifeBox will:
• Educate you in your options and resources

Help with choices, based on your  own situation and needs

•Give those important to you an easy to access and portable place to access the information needed during a major life event
•Help you easily keep your information up to date year after year

But...your LifeBox™ is more than just personal files.  It will also help you have the conversations you need to have with your key contact and the others you love - giving you valuable peace of mind and freedom to enjoy your best life!

Cindy Garner is an advance planning facilitator, Life Cycle Celebrant, non-denominational inter-faith minister, and funeral advocate with extensive background in end of life planning.  Cindy's background includes 20+ years experience in healthcare - working with seniors, event planning, sales, marketing and social work.   Helping to pioneer the 'death positive' movement, she coordinated Death Cafe meetings in her community, and continues  to post daily trending articles on the Facebook page DEATH CAFE MEMPHIS.  Also, she is a past Funeral Consumer Alliance board member, end of life doula and home funeral guide in training and soon to be blogger.

When Cindy turned 50, the death of her father and younger sister within a two year period made her realize she needed to get her own "ducks in a row".  This propelled her down an extensive path of research, resource gathering, study and discovery into all things DEATH and advance planning.  Cindy's knowledge and expertise includes traditional and green funerals, family directed funerals, and healing thru ceremony.  Her professional life has involved working with numerous nursing homes and funeral homes, a hospice, and the biologic pharmacy industry as a trainer, admissions, sales and marketing, customer service, social work, and therapeutic recreation.

Cindy's 'mission of heart' is to motivate individuals from all walks of life to gather and organize their personal information, enabling them to determine and communicate their personal wishes to those they love. Her passion is to empower clients with resources and information, helping them make the heart-felt decisions and have the important conversations needed to save friends and family time, money, unnecessary worry, and stress.


LifeBox has been the perfect tool to help get my personal information and end-of-life-wishes together and in one place so my family will  not be faced with this daunting task should I become incapacitated or die.  LifeBox is organized with explanations, tips, and forms I can update as needed.  After completing it,  I discussed my decisions with my family and, I now feel a great sense of relief and peace to be prepared for whatever the future brings.


Coming soon!


I purchased a LifeBox for myself and was so pleased, I then purchased 8 Lifeboxes and gave them to my family as Christmas gifts!  I was very impressed by the thoroughness and attention to detail and love their is a section dedicated to family pets.  Step by step instructions made it easy and really got me motivated!  I would recommend LifeBox to anyone who wants to be prepared for emergency, and to share their personal story and wishes.




Life is busy and time passes quickly.  Peace of mind is important. 

 Don't wait another day to get started!

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